We have decided to hold our annual Poppy Sale Memorial Weekend. It is too difficult to get members to sign-up for November, as the weather is usually quite cold/rainy.

It is our hope to populate local stores, etc. If you can spare at least one-half an hour to stand at sites, it would help. You can alternate times for your convenience.

We need the Post's cooperation in this effort. It is a major fundraiser - or should be.

If anyone is able to assist in making some easels, it would be a great aid. The stores will allow only one chair per person, but will allow an easel. Just a simple easel will suffice; e.g., three strips of wood, a simple chain to hold two strips together to fold easily, and small strip in front to hold poster. It is much more professional, and eye-catching. This would be a one-time project, and they will be be kept for years.

Any suggestions will be most welcome. Perhaps this would be a good scout project. We need to start making plans now, so we will be better prepared.


Selma Broadhurst

Auxiliary Poppy Chairperson